Vulcan Onshore Tip #70: Hydraulic Cylinder Type Packing Upgrade (#1 and #0 Hammers)

For many years Vulcan hammers have used woven packing to seal around the piston rod.  Although this type of packing has performed well, packing with longer life would obviously be better for hammer users.

Vulcan now offers a packing that uses a chevron type packing, similar to rod packing used in hydraulic cylinders.  This packing can be inserted into Vulcan hammers without modifying the hammers, providing the gland area of the cylinder is to original factory specifications.

This upgrade is available for Vulcan #1 series Hammers (#1, 06, 306 and 506 hammers, P/N 35366) or Vulcan #0 series hammers (#0, 0R, 08, 010, 012, 508, 510 and 512 hammers, P/N 6214C).  This upgrade will work on Raymond and Conmaco hammers with the same cylinder packing gland as Vulcan’s.

Note: this was a rather late Vulcan adaptation of another Raymond innovation, namely the use of “Chevron” type packing in Vulcan hammers. More information on the Raymond hammers can be found in the Guide to Pile Driving Equipment. This tip was issued by the “Tennessee Corporation.”


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