Vulcan Onshore Tip #26: Column Removal

It is frequently encountered when overhauling Pile Hammers that Columns will be stuck in the Cylinder and occasionally in the Base of the Hammer. This occurs for many reasons ranging from excessive corrosion or badly burred parts. The easiest way to remove such Columns is shown above.

  1. Use a center hole jack (100 ton capacity) with sufficient hole diameter to slide over the Column. This should be so positioned so that the ram of the jack is away from the Cylinder, (i.e.) thrust in direction of arrow.
  2. Use a 3/4″ thick washer of suitable inside diameter.
  3. For the length of the Column from the jack to the keyway insert a pipe spacer.
  4. Insert in the keyway of the Column a Column Key or steel bar to provide backup for jacking.*
  5. After this assembly is complete, commence jacking.

*If the lower end of the Column is broken off and no full keyway is available lugs may be welded to the Column to provide jacking back-up.

Note: The tip is not clear on this, but the procedure described above probably only applies to smaller Vulcan hammers.

Jacking columns and other parts out of rusted or well used hammers is a procedure that occurs regularly in the overhaul of Vulcan hammers. It is one, however, that requires special attention to safety. The parts used must be thick enough to withstand the loads, and personnel must stand clear during the operation in case a part gives way and results in a “missile reaction.”


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