Vulcan Offshore Tip #25: Slide Bar Gripper Modification

Many Vulcan hammer users have expressed interest in a method other than the pipe plug retainers to keep the slide bar gripper wedges in place on Vulcan’s largest hammers. Above such a method is shown; the pipe plugs being removed and the bolt and nut arrangement installed as shown above. For users of metric parts, a M20 X 450mm long bolt can be used and a 22mm hole can be drilled through the gripper and the wedges.

Note: Originally dated 8 November 1993. This tip was never “issued” in the sense that it was mailed out to a list of customers, but was sent to them upon demand. It is interesting to note that, exactly three years after the date this tip was issued, the transaction that passed Vulcan from the Warrington family to Cari Capital Company took place.


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