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Soils in Construction by W.L. Schroeder, S.E. Dickenson and D.C. Warrington is a unique textbook. Most soil mechanics and foundations textbooks are aimed at design professionals or engineering students; Soils in Construction is aimed at the contractor and the construction management student. It presents soil mechanics concepts in an easy to understand fashion. It includes many worked examples and illustrations to make understanding of the basic concepts simple.

Chapters in the book are as follows:

  1. Physical Character of Soil Constituents
  2. Natural Soil Deposits
  3. Soil Index Properties
  4. Soil Classification
  5. Stress Analysis and Engineering Properties
  6. The Contract and Contract Documents
  7. Interpretation of Soils Reports
  8. Embankment and Construction Control
  9. Dewatering
  10. Excavations and Excavation Supports
  11. Foundation Construction
  12. Construction Access and Haul Roads

The book also has two appendices:

  1. Laboratory Testing Exercises
  2. Pile Hammer Specifications

This is an informational page for the textbook . It is aimed at the users and potential purchasers of this book, be they instructors, students or construction professionals. Thanks for visiting today.

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