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Vulcan: The First Hundred Years

Visitors to Vulcan's Chattanooga facility will probably remember noticing the black-and-white picture on the wall showing Vulcan's Centennial Banquet that took place on 31 January 1952. This photograph depicts probably the biggest milestone celebration in the history of the company. Join us as we look at this happy occasion, in words and pictures. Come and view the following:

Vulcan's Centennial Celebration: The Event
Vulcan Centennial: The People
Vulcan's Centennial Celebration: The Speeches

All photos shown of this event by Jack Koehne, Chicago.

Left: Homer Livingston, President of the First National Bank of Chicago, gives the opening speech at the banquet. Founded in 1863, The First National Bank of Chicago (now part of Chase) and Vulcan had a long relationship. Vulcan had the distinction of having had "Account #2" at the Bank, and several of the Bank's officers served on Vulcan's board. Vulcan's relationship with the Bank survived its move to Chattanooga, and did not end until the late 1970's.

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