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Vulcan: The First Hundred Years

His 1908 prep school annual from the Tome School said that "Chet has beans in his bonnet," but on this night Chester Warrington, President, had good reason for them. Here he stands next to the celebration cake and the "V-Man Logo" that was Vulcan's trademark.

Chester and Myrtle Warrington (1893-1976) at the head table. Myrtle was active in the company in a variety of positions (Vice-President at the time of the centennial) up to the time of her death.

The company history display, which was placed in front of the head table. In the centre top is Henry Warrington, the company's founder. Other photos are:
  • Upper left: James N. Warrington
  • Centre left: William H. Warrington
  • Lower left: Milwaukee Avenue plant
  • Upper right: George Warrington
  • Centre right: Skinner Hammer
  • Lower right: The Bell (Irving) Avenue Plant

The Warrington family and relatives. From left to right: Walter and Henrietta Daspit, Pembroke and Dorothy Grove, Vernell and Henry Warrington, Myrtle and Chester Warrington, and Barbara and Richard Daspit.

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