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Vulcan: The Offshore Experience

Vulcan Vari-Cycle (Stroke Control) is available for all Vulcan Single Acting Hammers having a cylinder which has as an integrally cast pad part thereof the necessary mounting pads for installation of the Vari-Cycle equipment. Shown in the table below are the first Serial Number and date of those hammers (by size) having Vari-Cycle factory installed or mounting pads for field retrofit.

Hammer Size Serial Numbers and Date
Onshore Hammers Offshore Hammers
#1 See Note 1 -
06 See Note 2 -
08 GB-8095/10-27-72 -
010 GB-8100/11-2-72 -
014 FI-6250/5-13-69 -
016 FI-6515/12-19-69 FH-5500/2-1-68
020 FG-5190/12-19-69 FH-5530/2-15-68
030 - FH-5645/4-19-68
040 - FG-5330/12-8-67
340 - GC-8245/2-12-73
540 - GD-8800/5-22-74
060 - FH-5555/6-15-68
360 - GD-9025/7-19-74
560 - GC-8445/7-18-73
3100 - GE-9450/6-11-75

All Hammers having Serial Numbers subsequent to those above are configured as to accommodate Vari-Cycle.

Note 1 -- The following Size #1 Hammers are equipped with mounting pads for Vari-Cycle:


Vari-Cycle mounting pads on this size Hammer were discontinued 8-23-74.

Note 2 -- The following Size 06 Hammers are equipped with mounting pads for Vari-Cycle:


Van-Cycle mounting pads on this size Hammer were discontinued 7-24-74

Note: This tip obviously does not cover the hammers later than the mid-1970's, especially the onshore 5' stroke hammers. Their situation is complicated; you can contact us to ask questions about this. All of the Vulcan 5100, 5110, 5150 and 6300 hammers can accommodate Vari-Cycle and indeed virtually all offshore hammers from the 1970's onward were either equipped with Vari-Cycle or Traverse Trip. Click here for photos of the Vari-Cycle mechanism.

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