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Vulcan: The Offshore Experience

Below are the lubrication specifications for the Vulcan offshore pile hammers. On the back is a hammer diagram showing the locations of lubricant applications.

APPLICATION POINT Lube Type Oil Viscosity Flash Point (Min.) Other Requirements
SUS, 212° F cSt, 100°C Deg. F Deg. C
  1. Cylinder and Base Jaws.
  2. Trip Faces.
  3. Slide Bar.
  4. Slide Bar Dovetail.
  5. Columns/Ram Grease fittings*
  6. Columns/Exposed Surfaces*
  7. Hydra/Nuts
NLGI EP2 Grease 70-100 13-20 450 235
  • Permitted Thickners
    • Lithium 12 Hydroxy-Stearate
    • Lithium Complex
    • Calcium Complex
    • Polyurea
  • MoS2 Anti-Wear Additive
  • Anti-Rust Additive
  1. Relief Ports (Steam Opr.)
  2. Steam Line Oiler
Steam Cylinder Oil
160-190 34-41 550 290 10% Tallow or Lard Content
  1. Relief Ports (Air Opr.)
  2. Air Line Oiler
Air Compressor Oil
40-50 40-50 400 200 Anti-Oxidant
  1. Outboard Bearing
  2. Open Steam Chest Bearing
Gear Oil
80-105 80-105 400 200

It is important to keep your Vulcan hammer properly lubricated to insure the maximum possible hammer life and driving performance.

Also, for the threads of the cable fittings. use an an anti-seize compound to prevent galIing and freezing of the threads.

*NLGI EP2 greases will vary widely in the results for this application. Another alternative to this is a heavy open gear lubricant with MoS2 anti-wear additive. This should be applied directly to the exposed columns.

Lubrication Diagram

Right: an air line oiler for the Vulcan #0 (0, OR) and the 80C hammers, from 1955. Vulcan eventually migrated to a tank-type oiler for the smaller hammers and a piston-fed oiler for the larger ones. You can see examples of both on this page.

Note: Tip dated 1 August 1980. Another presentation of this data is contained in the Onshore Field Service Manual. Click here for more details.

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