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At the invitation of the Chinese we took a historical tour, Chen Gui De being our guide, to see the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, and Summer Palace.

This is a story best told in pictures.

The view from the back of the van, on our way to sightsee. Lloyd Berwald got the front seat. For the rest of us, as we say here in Tennessee, if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.

Badaling is the place where most people--then and now--see the Great Wall of China. Forty miles northwest of Beijing, the Chinese have repaired the wall to give visitors an idea of what it was like when fully operational.

Left: looking down on the wall. Chairman Mao said that you were a real man if you could get to the top at Badaling, and here you can see why.
Right: looking across the valley. The visitors centre is at the bottom, and the wall goes up the two mountains that flank it.

Angelica Ferguson (left) and Lloyd Berwald at Badaling. Angelica combined charm, savoir-faire and forcefulness in the best East Asian tradition. Chairman Mao used to say that women held up half of heaven; she certainly did her part for Vulcan's success in China.

The road into the Ming Tombs. Photography was buxing (forbidden) inside the tombs, as it was in other places in China.

A vista of the Summer Palace.

Jesse Perry and Chen Gui De at the Summer Palace. Jesse and Lloyd were given deference as the "Senior Gentlemen," but Angelica was another matter. Her pointed questions on tour exasperated Mr. Chen. At one point we reached a gate (probably where the photo above was taken from) in the Summer Palace, and Mr. Chen announced, "The door is locked."
"Why is the door locked?" Angelica asked.
"I don't know," Mr. Chen sighed. "Ask the management."

The "boat" at the Summer Palace. Mr. Chen reminded us that this was built by the Dowager Empress Ci Xi with funds that were supposed to be used for the Chinese navy. However, as Jesse was soon to discover, the Petroleum Corporation of the People's Republic of China had a few lessons to learn about ship buying of its own.

Other Tourist Photos

Tian an Men Square. In the front is the Monument to the People's Heroes. Behind it is Chairman Mao Zedong's Memorial Hall, which was closed at the time of our visit.

Chang An Avenue, looking west from Tian an Men Square.

Inside the Forbidden City. The Hall of Supreme Harmony

But the commercial work did not stop while we were tourists.

Upon return I found out that Ian had discussed the 750 hp boiler with He Zheng and found out that this was more than acceptable.

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